Quite simply the Drill Mate is a cup of water that features a header tank, seal this onto glass or tile smooth surface for easy drilling with no breaks or cracks.

The seal is reusable and will work around a drill bit to allow the water jacket to cool the top of the drill and the tile or glass while drilling is taking place. There is also a drain plug to drain the water and vent screw to allow the air out at the top of the unit when filling up.

  • The drill mate will take drill bits from 6 mm up to 40 mm that have a shank of 7.1 mm
  • 10 year warranty
  • The water jacket allows more efficient cooling to the tip than drip cooling systems
  • Tiles and glass can be drilled by one man
  • The cooling prevents cracking or breaking through heat
  • As the system suckers stick to smooth surfaces this allows pin point accuracy for the hole
  • Diamond ground tip allows longer life of the drill bit
  • Exclusive to Ideal World

Please note: This set comes with a 10 year warranty. If any bit becomes faulty, or proves to be unsatisfactory, please return it to the address included in the pack with £4.95 to cover shipping and handling costs and they will be replaced.


  • 1 x Drill Mate Unit
  • 1 x Header Tank
  • 1 x Insert for Drilling Under 10 mm Drills
  • 1 x Right Angle for Floor Tile Drilling
  • 3 x Vent Screws
  • 1 x Diamond Ground 6 mm Drill Bit
  • 1 x Diamond Ground 7 mm Drill Bit
  • 1 x Diamond Ground 8 mm Drill Bit


We are so confident in these drill bits that we offer a 10 year guarantee.

If you manage to break or damage them in anyway we will replace them. (Terms & Conditions Apply)


Negative, cobalt tipped designed for maximum hardness and resistance to heat and wear and ultimate precision.

Low rake angle grinding enables the tip to bore through all materials with a filing action rather than a cutting action. This enables you to drill through brick, steel, stone, marble and many more products. The heat generated will not affect the tip because the high tech bonding allows the bit to withstand drilling temperatures up to 1,100 degrees Celsius.

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