Drill All Bundle

Drill All Bundle


16 Piece Drill All Drill Bit Set

Negative, cobalt tipped designed for maximum hardness and resistance to heat and wear and ultimate precision.

Low rake angle grinding enables the tip to bore through all materials with a filing action rather than a cutting action. This enables you to drill through brick, steel, stone, marble and many more products. The heat generated will not affect the tip because the high tech bonding allows the bit to withstand drilling temperatures up to 1,100 degrees Celsius.

Comes neatly packaged in a convenient metal carry case which should fit neatly in your tool cases for ease of transportation and keeps your Drill Bits in one place.



  • 16 Drill Bits:
    • 1 X 3Mm
    • 1 X 3.5Mm
    • 1 X 4Mm
    • 1 X 4.5Mm
    • 1 X 5Mm
    • 1 X 5.5Mm
    • 1 X 6Mm
    • 1 X 6.5Mm
    • 1 X 7Mm
    • 1 X 7.5Mm
    • 1 X 8Mm
    • 1 X 8.5Mm
    • 1 X 9Mm
    • 1 X 9.5Mm
    • 1 X 10Mm
    • 1 X 12Mm


Impakt Screwdriver

These impact drivers makes screw driving so quick and effortless that you'll wonder how you ever managed without one. You can remove screws as easily as fit them with this tool. Heavy duty and strong red handle with chromed impact body inside with twist reverse function. Use for loosening stuck or frozen screws. 


How Do I Use It?

If you have a screw with a rounded head, wind the barrel on the screwdriver handle to the top. Place on top of the rounded screwhead and hit firmly with a hammer 3 times. Wind the barrel to the bottom of the handle and the screwdriver becomes spring loaded. Turn the handle whilst hitting it with a hammer and the screw will losen.


Left Handed/ Reverse Action Drill Bits

These handy metal drills fit all drill types and are made of pro grade high speed steel (HSS) and feature reverse action, great for removing broken studs, bolts and rounded wood screws.