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16 Piece Drill All Drill Bit Set

This 16 Piece Drill All Drill Bit Set is a great DIY product to add to your collection - or to start one off! The Drill Bits in this set are cobalt-tipped for increased strength, resistance and usability. A wide range of bit sizes have been included, to allow for a variety of applications and tasks. Special negative rake grinding enables the tip to bore through all materials with a filing action, rather than cutting. This enables you to drill through brick, steel, stone, marble, etc. A convenient metal carry-case keeps your Drill Bits in one place, and this should fit neatly into most tool-cases for easy transportation. This 16-piece Drill Bit Set comes with a 10 Year Warranty*. (* Terms and conditions apply)

  • Cobalt tipped for maximum hardness and resistance to heat and wear
  • Negative rake grinding enables tip to bore with a filing action, rather than cutting
  • Enables drilling through brick, steel, stone, marble and many more
  • Comes neatly packaged in a convenient metal carry-case
  • Should fit neatly into your tool cases for easy transportation


14 Piece Diamond Tipped Screwdriver Bits

The Diamond Tipped Screwdriver bits are manufactured to a high specification in order to give you a reliable and hard wearing set. This is achieved through incorporating a super hard diamond coating, improved screw engagement, torsion twist zone to reduce breakage and high quality toughened steel to give increased stick and ability to the screwhead.

All this and they come complete in a neat carry case to keep the screwdriver bits in order and in one place.


Screw Tube

Enables you to change your drill into a screwdriver, countersink or to change the drill bit without changing the drill in the chuck. The screw tube is an over-tube which goes over the drill in the chuck using the hexagon drive of the drill bit. Time saving when doing repetitive work, e.g. decking, panelling, etc.


SDS Adpator

Fits any 1/4" hexagon drill bit into a SDS drill

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